MyWays Growth Accelerator Program


College Students in any year of study and fresh graduates aiming for tech careers should apply. Depending on your current preparation, you should opt for a relevant package. We recommend learners for beginners, Internship seekers for intermediates and job seekers for skilled people.

It is a self-paced program. Ideal duration is 3-4 months. You should target an internship/job by April through this program. Start date is flexible. Earliest possible is second week of December.

There are 5 domains containing numerous maps. Learning Maps are designed by experts to make your learning journey guided and directed by industry requirements. You can choose your domain.
A common test and AI based analysis will help you figure out which learning map to opt for. Further, MyWays AI will help you track your growth at every stage and suggest what you should do next to grow in a particular domain.
Each domain has multiple Maps. For example: Data Science Domain has 8 maps like Machine Learning, Data Visualization, Data Engineering etc. Available domains for you to choose will be:

  • Web Development: Full Stack, Backend, Frontend with different technologies, languages and frameworks
  • Mobile App Development: with different technologies, languages and frameworks
  • Data Science
  • Software Engineering
  • DevOps

Assessments are used to identify your gaps and strengths. It helps in identifying where you are missing. It also helps us in providing you verified certificates and referring you to the employers. You can also discuss the assessment with the mentor provided to you for guidance.

You will be attending a 1 hour workshop to learn how to make CV, what mistakes to avoid, CV templates to start with. The workshop is highly rated by the previous attendees. After the workshop, you will be offered 2 rounds of Personalized CV review to give a final touch to your CV.

The mentors will include Top executives, HRs, and senior students from IITs and other institutes who have worked in top companies as interns. We will pair you with your mentors based on queries you have.

Professionals from top companies like Google, Microsoft, Tower Research will be taking your mock interviews.

    MyWays Premium (4 months) comes with the following features:
  • You will be featured to our employers to connect with you for the opportunities you are ready for
  • Employers will not have to pay anything to connect with you
  • You will receive notifications of top matching jobs/internships on priority
  • You can apply for unlimited opportunities
  • You will be able to see your % chance of getting selected in all opprotunities

Based on your profile and growth, you will hear from us if you are eligible for Assured Placement. If you are, we will provide guaranteed placement through Income sharing agreement (ISA), where you will pay only if you get placed. The charges will be 20% of one month stipend in case of internship and 20% of 3 months salary in case of jobs.

More FAQs

Different domains will have different assessments. They will be MCQ based to assess your skills and growth. You can take a maximum of 3 assessments of around 1 hour each, sitting at your home. Ideally, we suggest you to take 1 assessment at the start, 1 in the middle and 1 towards the end. We will recommend the right assessments. However, you can choose the ones you want to take

You can take a total of 3 assessments under the program including reassessments. Depending on your growth, we can provide you additional assessments and certificates. Any additional assessment will cost Rs.200 per assessment, but it will not be required in most cases.

Yes! Maps are personalized, so if you change your direction, it will change the suggestions to help you prepare best for the new direction.

You will be selecting your domain after first analysis. You can change the domain but the maximum assessments for growth tracking will be 3.

We suggest the best available courses with no biases but you are free to take up any courses. We will also bring guided projects, live industrial projects for you based on your growth.

This is a self paced program. You can activate it for 4 months whenever you are free.

No, in order to get maximum benefit, there will be 2 structured sessions in the advanced package. We want you to be prepared before mentor sessions.

It can range from 30-60 minutes.

Yes, you can. The cost depends on the mentor you choose.

Here, the top industry professionals will help you prepare for actual interviews. Also, based on your interview, we might refer you to employers directly.

You can choose the time, based on the availability of the interviewer.

Around 1 hour.

ISA is only "Pay after placement". Hence, we will not charge you anything through ISA.

We will communicate through emails. Helpline number will also be shared for queries over call.

As the program will be personalized after you subscribe, the fee is non-refundable.

You can email us on or Whatsapp us at +91 88-2398-2398