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For School Students

For the students currently in class 9th-12th. Whether it is about selecting your stream while going to class 11th or about selecting colleges after class 12th, we have got you covered. Highly experienced Counselors, personalised attention and 10-Dimensional analysis is what you would get only at MyWays.

For College Students & Professionals

Having recognized the need of career guidance even in college or when you are working, MyWays takes care that you are not left out with improper direction. With users from various Tier-1 colleges and areas of study, the MyPsychometric Report gains popularity due to its focus on workplace parameters which are otherwise ignored.

Stream or College-Major Selection for School Students
Our 10-Dimensional Attack to the career confusions with no stones left unturned

Career Personality

Personality Assessment helps you to understand yourself as a person through 4 dimensions and then expand your career options aligning with your personality.

Career Values

Values are the things that are most important to us in our lives and careers. Career which fulfills our values is supposed to be long-lasting and a satisfactory choice.

Career Interests

It will help you understand which careers might be the best fit for you. It is meant to help you find careers that you might enjoy.

Learning Style

Different people have different Learning Styles. Understanding your learning style helps you in knowing which career path would offer you maximum scope of knowledge and growth.

Skills and Abilities

Identifying your skills and abilities helps you to explore and identify ways to modify your career direction in order to perform at the fullest of your potential.

Career Clusters

Career Clusters are groups of similar occupations and industries that require similar skills. It provides a career road map aligning your education with career opportunities.


This helps you in getting an idea of what it means to be in a particular career best-suited for you, giving an overall idea of the nature of work in that profession.

Education Roadmap

The Education road map will give you clear idea of subjects that you should choose at different levels of your career path.

Plan and Analysis

The Career Path Analysis contains 4 important parameters to have a better insight into the most suitable career path: Fees, Demand, Level of Preparation and Salary.

Prolonged Support

We do not leave you after 2-3 meets. However, we provide a 2 month post counseling support to help you with all yur doubts.

Our Principal Career Coaches

Parampreet Singh

Parampreet Singh

Assessment Head and Counselor

Mantoli Sethi

Mantoli Sethi

Career Coach and Mentor

Internship/Job Selection/Shifting for College Students & Working Professionals
Core Personality Traits

Core Personality Traits

These are inbuilt characteristics in the individuals which greatly influence their behaviour, decisions or simply their way of dealing with daily-life situations they are faced with. Grow personally and professionally after having a sound knowledge of who you are.

Workplace Fit

Workplace Fit

It helps in knowing how you these traits apply at your workplace and knowing them can help you in making better career decisions. A suitable workplace helps you to perform to the fullest. Get the examples of career you should be in.

Working Style

Working Style

The way a person likes to work, the type of work one wants to do or elements with which one wants to work. The knowledge of this is crucial to select the right career for yourself. Also map these styles to the real career options.

The Report covers the following "difficult-to-discover" aspects:
  • How much you rate on 9 most important personality traits
  • What are your key Motivations for work and the strengths you possess
  • What are the issues you face and the fears at workplace you have to overcome
  • Interview Cracking Corner to help you stand out among the crowd
  • Key psychological things you need without which you cannot be satisfied at work
  • Career options best fitting with your work-style orientation and the paths you should avoid
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