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Successful career is a journey, not a destination. Let us travel together.
1 Career Planning

Personalized Career Planning

We use the power of Artificial Intelligence to perform in-depth analysis on student's skill-set, asiprations, psychometrics, interests and experienced people similar to her, to create personalized learning journey.

2 Upskilling

Filling Gaps via Upskilling

Next, the employability gaps are identified and the best courses and industrial training across various platforms are provided to create a personalized learning and upskilling plan to become industry-ready.

3 Network

Getting Career-Ready & Employable

Furthermore, the student is connected with the companies with internship profiles best-fit for her career to get some real industry exposure and experience in order to be career-ready and employable.

Create Highly Personalized Career Plans

Career-Profiling with a 4-Dimensional holistic analysis of the student using Artificial Intelligence and Psychometrics

Creation of Career Plans aligning with skills, personality, aspirations & practicality

Customized statistics about the job market in the selected career field(s) and suggestions on what next steps to take

What does the Analysis contain?
  • Explore various layers of yourself like Personality, Values, Work Style, Interests, Learning Styles and Skills
  • Discover your best-fit work environment and your workplace-fit
  • Career Planning aligning with your parameters of 'Happiness'
  • Next go and explore these career options through internships, events, workshops provided on MyWays Portal itself
  • Being self aware, prepare well to face the industry interviews and differentiate yourself from others

Upskill yourself: A Single Platfrom for all your Learning Needs

We bring together the best courses and trainings provided by anyone and everyone. We identify which course shall be the best for you and make you succeed in your preferred career path.

Get Industry Experience

Once we find you are industry-ready, we recommend you to the recruiters to get you your first-gig to the industry. Explore Internships which will finally make you Career-Ready and lead you towards your dream Career, and not merely any job.

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