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Successful career is a journey, not a destination. Let us travel together.
1 Exploration


The first step towards an effective career decision is knowing yourself at the best. Know about your skills, interests and core values which affect majority of your decisions taken sub-consciously.

2 Knowing yourself

Hands-On Experience

A good psychometric test is not all that can help one decide a career. Career is a journey not a destination. Explore your interest areas by trying them hands-on.

3 Network

MyMentors & MyPeers Network

Do you think even after exploring and trying, you can settle well with a career fully satisfied? Perhaps no. Here is where you need proper guidance and a good environment to pursue your dream.

Get an in-depth insight of your own Self

Know yourself better to make the best use of your potential and stop following the herd.

Give our quick and holistic psychometric test

We provide you with psychometric analysis that is practical, easy to understand and unique.

What does the Psychometrics Analysis contain?
  • Explore various layers of yourself like Personality, Values, Work Style, Interests, Learning Styles and Skills
  • Discover your best-fit work environment and your workplace-fit
  • Career Planning aligning with your parameters of 'Happiness'
  • Next go and explore these career options through internships, events, workshops provided on MyWays Portal itself
  • Being self aware, prepare well to face the industry interviews and differentiate yourself from others

Try out your choices hand on

Explore right kind of opportunities through internships and take a flavour of various careers before actually selecting one. Intern with various companies and take a step ahead in finding the right opportunities for yourself.

Seek Career Mentorship

Get connected to a robust peer-mentor network, take mentorship from college seniors and from the renowned career counsellors and mentors for additional help in your chosen career stream. (Currently only available for School students)

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