Why MyWays?

Why MyWays?

A group of students, from IIT Delhi, NSIT, Delhi University and Amity, are working hard, finding time out of college hours to make their dream come true. A dream that they want every student to realise- a dream that every student should be free of all baseless expectations of family, friends or even their own selves and that every student should be aware of what he/she likes to do and that he/she should have the courage to follow his/her dreams and he/she should not be handcuffed by the biases of the society towards any particular vocation.

We believe that the purpose of education is to make life worth living. However the current education system in India is responsible for taking away many young lives. There is no use of education if it is being forced upon. With one student committing suicide every hour, this problem has become more alarming than ever before. The main reasons for such suicides are found out to be stress due to high expectations from parents, tough competition to achieve what the society thinks is best and no room for an open discussion of the issues faced by students. Moreover, in this race one rarely gets time to think about oneself, about what he/she really enjoys doing, but tries to find success in what others think is important.

With the moto I Reflect, I Explore, I Create, we at MyWays aim at creating a holistic platform for the students to:

Reflect: Introspect and learn about one’s skills, interests, core values and beliefs. We believe that ‘The Best’ is different for all and to be aware of oneself is important in order to know what is best for me. We focus on the core of the person, which makes every individual different. We provide a psychology enabled ecosystem in our workshops and our network platform to encourage self-exploration. We call our participants MyPeers.

Explore: After inner exploration or introspection, it is very important that we explore the world in order to create a path customized for a particular individual. Apart from theoretical information, it is important that we try hands-on in order to have a reality check on our interests and skills. We provide opportunities for MyPeers to try and find out their best-fit.

Create: We do not believe in choosing a career path, rather we emphasize on creating one. Everyone has his/her own story. “A seed well sown cannot grow without the right environmental conditions”. After all introspection and exploration, all one needs is the healthy and supportive environment to grow. This is the purpose of our network platform- to find right peers and mentors, to reduce all sorts of societal biases and pressure and take motivation from others to learn and achieve what we want.

This issue of poor career selection process needs attention from the society. Our team of enthusiastic individuals believes that it is very important to bring the whole issue in the light in a very critical and sarcastic manner through our social media handles. With this motive, we started our facebook page and blog.

We hope you found this article intriguing. We always welcome enthusiastic people to come and join us in this movement. You can reach out to us at info@myways.in and can stay connected with us at www.myways.in or follow us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/FollowingMyWays.

Why MyWays?

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