Succeeding MyWays

Most often we tend to pick up mainstream fields, emulate people traversing the conventional routes and yet hope to do something different.

We are only one courageous decision away from an unconventional career, a novel journey and perhaps success! It is okay to ditch engineering, medical and chartered accountancy for a more promising field.

Does your camera compel you to go out and capture the scenic beauty? Does your imagination take you to undiscovered locations for a round of photography? Congratulations! you hold the potential to be an ace cinematographer/photographer. Does playing cricket enable you to let out your stress? Does hitting sixes and fours send chills down your spine? If yes, then you may be the next master blaster.

Life is a pool of endless possibilities and infinite options. It is not at all essential to choose a traditional field approved by friends and family. Why not set an example and follow the heart instead of the herd?

Mother Teresa found solace in the service of others. She gained immense success from following her passion irrespective of the prospective gains and status.

Seek inspiration and follow your own ways.  

Success lies not in a CEO’s cabin but in a satisfied heart willing to work every day with unflinching determination.”

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